One bottler’s dream community.

The entrance to Cosmopolitan Park seen from Main St in this late 1800s photo. Located between Townhill Ave and Main St. Cosmopolitan Park contained homes, a dance hall/roller rink and pavilion.  Cosmopolitan Park was a go-to places in Danbury for entertainment in the 1890s. The park hosted singers, musicians, comedians, clog dancers and more. The liquor dealer and bottler Jean Hornig owned the site. He was also a resident. By 1912 Jean Hornig no longer own Cosmopolitan Park. The property was owned by Mrs Sherwood E. Ray and according to a Danbury newspaper store she planed to develope the park.  Mrs Ray inherited the property from her father.

cosmopolitan pk

The interior of the park looking across the lawn, the pavilion is to the right (Photos courtesy Danbury Museum)